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Meet the Team

Vikki from All about Antenatal


Victoria is a highly qualified and experienced post-natal practitioner. She was inspired to set up Allaboutbabies following her own experience as a first time mum. She is a registered Baby Rocks Mentor, accredited Sleep Consultant and Level 3 trained Maternity Nurse.



Dani is a highly qualified & experienced Antenatal & Childbirth Educator, Hypnotherapist and Doula. She originally taught for the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and utilized her own experience as a mother to twins to specialize in multiple birth classes. She is a qualified hypnotherapist, teaches hypnobirthing both privately and in groups and is a hypnobirthing practitioner trainer. As a Doula, Dani regularly supports labouring couples at a variety of different hospitals. ​

Dani From All About Antenatal
Shreena - All About Antenatal


After becoming a mum Shreena was inspired to give up her corporate job to help other couples on their pregnant journey. She set up mylittleBubba, an online retailer specialising in tried and tested baby products. During her own pregnancy, Shreena received a lot of conflicting advice and wanted to help ensure that other parents felt more prepared and confident for life with their newborns. Having seen the positive impact that Allaboutantenatal has had on other couples, Shreena feels truly excited to join the family!

Worcestershire Leader

Angela Araya-Uren

Angie is a mum of 2 and previously worked in the education sector, teaching science to secondary and post-16 students. During Angie's first pregnancy, she and her husband experienced many gaps in their private antenatal education, leaving them unprepared and lacking information to enable them to make fully informed decisions. This experience inspired Angie to retrain as an antenatal teacher to ensure other expectant parents are better informed and feel more empowered with their birth and parenting choices. Angie chose to represent the All About Antenatal brand after discovering us during her lockdown pregnancy, where a refresher course covered all the gaps that should have been included by the previous provider. Angie loves sharing her knowledge with others, seeing them grow in confidence and is excited to be part of the team, delivering the All About Antenatal course in the Worcestershire area.

Angie Worcestershire's Antenatal Trainer
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