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I absolutely loved the All About Antenatal course. I thought it was so useful to learn not only about the birth, but post natal, how to care for the baby and what to expect. This course managed ALL my expectations and helped my husband and I to feel prepared for any scenario. We used the strategies Dani and Vikki taught us during labour, even when things got a bit frazzled and scary for us as new to be parents. I particularly think that this course helps to prepare the birth partners too to support us mums, which is so important. Despite my pregnancy and this course taking place during the crazy times of Corona 2020, we have really managed to learn so much over Zoom and to become a lovely group. Dani and Vikki were amazing! So personable, friendly and full of knowledge. We had so much fun. I’m actually sad that it is over!

My husband and I did the All About Antenatal course before our little girl was born and it really was a fantastic course. We went in knowing nothing and came out feeling as prepared as one could be for such a life changing event. Vicki and Dani were so welcoming and friendly and made it such a positive and energetic environment to learn. I really would recommend this to any of my friends who are expecting. The things we learnt really gave us a solid base to work from in the first few weeks when everything is so overwhelming. The friendships I have made from that group have been amazing and such a support system.

I booked the all about babies antenatal course before we all went into lockdown, so when I was told it would be via zoom I was very sceptical as to wether I would be able to create a bond or long term friendships if we were not physically meeting each week as for me this was one of the most important achievements in taking part in all about babies along with of course learning. I wrote to Vikki who was extremely helpful and explained everything and how they have restructured the programme so that we will still benefit from the course. After going backwards and forwards I decided to go and join the course. All I can say is I’m so happy I did!!!! Not only did I learn loads but the best thing I have gained out of this whole experience is long term friendships, we now speak everyday, help each other out and meet once a week for a catch up. This helped me so much to start feeling more positive through my pregnancy and post pregnancy as being pregnant and going through labour through lockdown was definitely not ideal and always brought on extra worry and stress. I love that the girls all look out for each other and I can definitely say even though we had to do all about babies on zoom, we still had the best experience and I now have friends for life!

Charlotte & I really enjoyed the classes and it really helped us during the child birth. Vikki and Dani are amazing, the classes are really informative and gave us the power to make choices during labour and also helped us bath and change our newborn. We would highly recommend.

We have learnt so much from our classes with Dani & Vikki! We really enjoyed every session and came away feeling a lot more confident about what’s to come! It was the perfect way to get us prepared for our babies arrival! Thank you both!!

This course was absolutely fantastic. Shreena was a really enthusiastic teacher. She kept us completely engaged through every session, and was able to explain concepts really clearly. The course was very well structured. Shreena explained at the beginning of the course what would be covered during each session. However, she was still open to suggestions and flexible, for example a few of us in the group had gestational diabetes and without us even asking she tailored some teaching around this (e.g. colostrum harvesting). The content covered was excellent - she covered lots of important topics which included how things may have changed in hospital with covid-19. There was a good focus on both labour and postnatal care. Practical sessions on putting nappies on, bathing babies, stages of labour were really helpful. There were recap sessions at the beginning of most sessions on information from the last one which helped to consolidate our learning. In terms of preparing for labour, I felt Shreena explained this all particularly well and left us feeling empowered with dealing with what seems like quite a daunting process. She covered all types of delivery really well. The course included a session with an IBCLC certified lactation consultant which was also really helpful; lots of handy tips and advice, and of course we now have her contact details if need further assistance after birth.

My husband and I attended the course in November and found it really useful. I’ve heard that some courses are referred to as ‘an expensive way to meet other parent friends’, however we both walked away from each classes feeling like we had learnt a lot. Our teacher Shreena was really positive and very knowledgeable. There was also a session on a partner’s role which my husband found really useful. Overall we had a great experience and could not recommend this course enough.

All about antenatal definitely delivered! It was exceptional to say the least in the Covid climate & initially we weren't too sure what to expect. Shreena definitely guided to us a positive journey into parenthood. She took on numerous questions and always delivered each class with a wealth of practical advice. We feel ready to face and excited to be part of the All about antenatal family.

We think it was a good balance to have both face to face and online during these times. To be able to bond better with the other couples. And great that they were still able to do it in person and had the space to keep as all at safe distances.

Loved how interactive it was and a fathers perspective was so useful as well as practical skills learnt on the course - bathing and putting baby to sleep

I think it was great very interactive and I still feel we did not miss anything out, Shreena also provided on going support via WhatsApp for any questions we had

Absolutely brilliant antenatal class covering all the critical things you need to know before baby arrives. Dani and Vikki are wonderful and really went above and beyond to support us even after we'd completed the classes. My husband called Dani from the hospital and she helped us make some critical decisions about our delivery.
Highly, highly recommend.

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