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In-person PostNatal Course

Session 1: Baby Massage & Birth Debrief 

Baby Massage Techniques focusing on releasing excess wind/colic

Birth Re-wind explained and an opportunity to share birth stories with Dani

Baby Massage and Birth Debrief - All About Antenatal PostNatal Classes
Sleep Shaping

Session 2: Baby Sleep

Baby’s sleep is one of the most asked about topics post-birth and so important to your mental wellbeing.  Join our workshop run by Victoria Rose from All About Babies for tips and tricks for settling your baby. The session covers:

  • The three foundations to a better nights sleep
  • Your babies natural sleep cycles
  • How to identify your babies natural awake window
  • How much sleep your baby needs & the best time for naps
  • How to gently develop independent sleep associations
  • How to tackle common sleep problems
  • How to create the ideal bedtime routine
  • How to recognise and manage sleep regressions
  • How to develop the best routine for your baby

Session 3: Baby Weaning 

When is the right time to start? How to start? How to enjoy this stage and how to help your little one avoid “fussy eating”. The workshop will cover the following:

  • When to start weaning
  • Signs your baby is ready
  • Purees and baby-led weaning
  • Foods/drinks to avoid
  • Food preparation
  • Weaning essentials
  • How to ensure your baby is getting a healthy, balanced diet
Postnatal Weaning
Baby Sensory Postnatal Course with All about Babies

Session 4: Baby Sensory Music Class (Vicky from Baby Sensory Barnet)

Check in: How are you? How are you finding parenting? 

Support chat to check in and make sure you are all feeling/doing ok

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