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First Timers

It’s never too early to prepare for the arrival of your mini human. The perfect course for expectant parents.
COST: £275

Session One

  • What happens in labour and how it progresses
  • What concerns do you have about labour and how our bodies support the process
  • Birth Partner tips such as how to support and how to get a good indication of where she is in labour without relying on cervical dilation
  • Hormones of labour
Session 1- Antenatal Classes in Northwood, Pinner and Stanmore
Antenatal -session 2 All about Antenatal - Pinner

Session Two

  • Initial baby-care following the birth

  • New-born appearance and what to expect in the first few weeks

  • Crying solutions

  • Sleep solutions

  • Safe Sleep Advice

  • Baby development, attachment and bonding

Session Three

  • How to ask questions and the importance of making decisions relating to your birth

  • Induction – What is it? What can you do if your birth is induced?

  • The biggest tool in the box – breathing exercises

  • Pain management options
Antenatal -session 3 All about Antenatal - Pinner
Nappy changing -Antenatal Classes in Northwood, Pinner and Stanmore.jpg

Session Four

  • Breastfeeding – How to get things off to the best start led by Wendy Lever, IBCLC

  • How to know feeding is going well

  • Formula & making up a feed safely

  • What’s in a nappy?

  • Practical Nappy Changing

Session Five

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Contraction patterns and long early stages of labour – what can you do to support yourself/ your partner?

  • Caesarean Births

  • Birth environment and its importance

  • Birth preferences

Session 5 Antenatal Classes in Northwood, Pinner and Stanmore.
Session6 Antenatal Classes in Northwood, Pinner and Stanmore

Session Six

  • Car Seat Safety

  • New-born bathing & dressing

  • Massage for labour

  • Anxieties about becoming parents & relationship changes

Session Seven

  • Cultural challenges

  • Post natal care/support

  • The role of a dad

  • How to be a supportive Birth Partner

Session 7

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