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Post natal Course

The aim is to help and support you in the new challenges you will face as you baby gets older

Baby Massage (4 sessions) 

Baby Massage is designed to build your confidence and understanding of massage relaxation techniques. In 4 sessions, you will learn a sequence of baby massage strokes that you can use at home or out and about, to suit you and your baby. This course is suitable for babies and their parents or carers from newborn up to 12 weeks old up. So come along, and join our small interactive sessions run by friendly trained facilitators.

Recommended Age of baby: up to 12 weeks old
Format: Face to face

Length of Session: 45 minutes per session
Price: £50 for the course (4 sessions)

Baby Postnatal Classes in Northwood, Pinner and Stanmore
Sleep Shaping

Sleep Shaping/Routine​

Baby’s sleep is one of the most asked about topics post-birth and so important to your mental wellbeing.  Join our 90 minute workshop run by Victoria Rose from All About Babies for tips and tricks for settling your baby. Vikki is a qualified sleep consultant and Maternity Nurse. The session covers:

  • The three foundations to a better nights sleep
  • Your babies natural sleep cycles
  • How to identify your babies natural awake window
  • How much sleep your baby needs & the best time for naps
  • How to gently develop independent sleep associations
  • How to tackle common sleep problems
  • How to create the ideal bedtime routine
  • How to recognise and manage sleep regressions
  • How to develop the best routine for your baby

Recommended age of baby: 3-5 months
Format: Face to Face (or online if preferred)
Length of Session: 90 minutes
Price: £25


As you approach weaning your baby, you may feel excited, nervous or worried. Our 90 minute workshop is run Shreena, who has been running weaning workshops for 2 years. The workshop will cover the following:

  • When to start weaning
  • Signs your baby is ready
  • Purees and baby-led weaning
  • Foods/drinks to avoid
  • Food preparation
  • Weaning essentials
  • How to ensure your baby is getting a healthy, balanced diet

Recommended age of baby: 4-5 months
Format: Face to Face (or online if preferred)
Length of Session: 90 minutes
Price: £15

Weaning - Postnatal Classes in Northwood, Pinner and Stanmore
First aid Antenatal Classes in Northwood, Pinner and Stanmore

First Aid

This session ensures you are confident and feel empowered to react if something happens to your baby. Ideal prior to starting weaning, this course is run by Daisy First Aid, which is a multi-award winning company. The session will covers the following

  • Primary survey (DRABC) which includes recovery positions and CPR for babies and children
  • Head injuries
  • Febrile seizures
  • Choking
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Meningitis and sepsis awareness
  • Fractures
  • Poisons
  • Burns
  • Bleeds

Location: Harrow Masonic Centre, Northwick Circle, Kenton HA3 0EL 
Timing: 10 am to 12pm
Length of Session: 2 hours
Price: £25.00 per person


This session will explore when and how mums can start exercising post birth. For so many of us, it is difficult to know where to start with fitness post-birth and how to exercise in a way that is fine for your body. The session will give you confidence to start exercising, with tips and  a demonstration of practical exercises to start with. The session is run by Ewelina Dobkowska from Ewelina Fitness, a personal trainer who specialises in PCOS and post-natal fitness.

Recommended age of baby: 5-6 months
Format: Zoom
Length of Session: 90 minutes
Price: £10

Fitness Postnatal Classes in Northwood, Pinner and Stanmore
Back to work with All about Antenatal

Going back to work

It is a huge step going back to work, at whatever age your child is. Some parents slot straight back, some find it really stressful – whichever way, there are always some practical considerations that need to be thought about. This session will give you practical tips to think about, so that you feel confident that you are on top of everything when you head back to work. The session is based on other parent’s feedback who have gone through it.

Recommended age of baby: 6-7 months
Format: Zoom
Length of Session: 60 minutes
Price: £5


When circumstances allow, we will be running a social for parents to meet up. Having a support network is so important when you have children, other parents who are going through it at the same time, or have already gone through it. You will meet people at each session, however, we will also run a social gathering to enable local parents to meet each other and create that support network.

Mums,+Dads+and+babies - All about Antenatal - Pinner
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