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Hiding Your Baby Bump!

Sssh can u keep a secret? – By Ktj Styling

You’re pregnant- firstly congratulations huge news !!

You want to keep it a secret as your so not ready for the whole world knowing , but eeek your body is changing and you need tips for concealing the every growing bump!

Don’t worry I can help you with this , I’m a qualified personal stylist so my expertise is helping women understand their body shape and getting you dressed confidently and amazingly each and everyday whatever the occasion.

Before I start with the clothing tips the main thing I want you to understand and appreciate is that your body is changing and this is ok, and what I say to each one of my clients is don’t get hung up on a size it’s all about knowing your shape and working with this not against it.

Clothing top tips:

  • invest in your base layers – your underwear , this starts the perfect canvas for your clothing to sit on. Skims it’s worth the hype and do a pregnancy section so it’s worth while getting. My favs are the fits everyone bralette and high waisted knickers
  • Your shape is going to become an apple, this is where all your curves are in the middle section ( aka your bump) so dress for this not buy into maternity wear as this can be expensive & let’s be honest so not the most stylish!
  • Opt for v necks/ scoop necks, anything that shows a bit of skin when it comes to tops and t-shirts as you want to attention up your body not down if you’re not ready to reveal your pregnancy, and the best length is hip length. Avoid high necks, round necks. Tuck in and with a shirt always unbutton at least 4/5 and do a half tuck in trousers it’s a vibe
  • Dresses – wrap dresses are great as they showcase your waist and bust and skim over your bump, plus they are super comfy
  • Trousers- high waisted are going to be your best friend, support your bump and make your legs look longer so draws attention to your legs! I would opt for a wide leg or a straight leg jean / tailored trouser instead of a skinny leg as this will just highlight your bump, it’s all about playing with proportions and making it look equal.
  • Active wear (leggings!) yoga pants (fold over waistbands) are fab as your bump grows as the waist band won’t dig it and it’s super comfy. Adanola or tala are great brands and the quality is insane. For pregnancy specific active wear, check out Natal Active and Latched. Wear with an oversized hoodie, bomber and cool street wear trainers (adidas sambas, Nike air max)making off duty look more cool girl vibes
  • Coats / jackets  / blazers, opt for ones with a v neck , and where the item flows over your bump so nothing that is tight fitting or has buttons down the middle, as you’ve guessed it this will draw attention to the bump! If you want a coat that ties, opt for ones with the tie just below the bust and always tie to the side never the middle. This creates balance with your shape
  • Accessories such as jewellery add to your outfit and should never be missed in my opinion. Opt for drop earrings as will lengthen the face drawing attention to here so because of this opt for shorter necklaces – attention should be on the face
  • Steer clear of horizontal stripes as makes you appear wider , I would opt for colour blocking and if want to add a colour make sure the brighter colour is on your bottom half – trouser , shoes.

These top tips will help you through all stages of your pregnancy , just remember to embrace your new shape and find your tribe of people who are going to help and support you along your fabulous , exciting new journey -all about antenatal, and also make you look and feel confident and amazing – me Katie ! I’m here to help you with clothing and beauty find more about me

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